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Once arriving in Australia, the visitor’s need to find a way to travel to the cities and various tourist attractions. Here the Australian transportation comes in to play with a lot of options to choose from. Australia is a country with plenty of back roads, they also have their share of modern city traffic, and there are many options when choosing the best transportation in Australia for your particular destination. Australia transportation has a vast network of highways and back roads, and one needs to get a good map if you plan to rent a car. Trains are a fabulous way to take longer journeys across the country, and offer a chance to sit back and enjoy all of the gorgeous Australian scenery. With distances between cities so great, flying is the most preferred and speedy option, although buses and trains provide a more scenic, if lengthy alternative. Within the major cities, you will find thorough and convenient rail and bus systems.

Australia is such a vast country that almost 80% of long-distance trips are made by air. Qantas is Australia's main domestic airline and has a budget subsidiary called Jetstar. A competing carrier that flies all over the country is Virgin Blue. Few people pay full fare for domestic air travel because the airlines offer a wide range of discounts, including random discounting and Internet fares.

There are several long-distance bus companies but only one truly national service, Greyhound Australia. Buses are comfortable, but if you're traveling between major cities, be prepared for a long trip. Australia has a skeletal rail network linking all major cities.

Few people travel long distances by train because it's usually the slowest mode of overland transport and remains relatively expensive, though it is generally more comfortable for overnight trips. One of the most convenient ways to take advantage of Australian transportation is by train. Australia has an excellent train system, and offers train travel within most major cities, as well as between cities and across the country side. One of the longest train journeys in the world can be found in Australia.

Traveling by car is by all means an economical way of traveling, with many visitors grouping together and then hiring or purchasing a car. The Highway 1 circumnavigates the continent, sticking close to the coast much of the way. One should watch out for monstrous road trains (trucks with multiple trailers) on outback roads.

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