Australia Map

Australia Map lets you with an insight about Australia’s facts. Get a feel of the country and how the various Australia cities are laid out on the map of Australia, our site will be of great help. When you plan to visit the country you would require first hand information of the country’s location and the various cities. Australia map is a simple but useful one to provide you with the required information about the cities in Australia. Australia is located southeast of Asia and is bound on the north by the Timor Sea, the Arafura Sea, and the Torres Strait; on the east by the Coral Sea and the Tasman Sea; on the south by the Bass Strait and the Indian Ocean; and on the west by the Indian Ocean. Australia does not have many high mountains and is mainly flat, consisting of primarily a series of great plains, which are generally higher in the northeast. Low-lying coastal plains, averaging about 65 km border the continent. These plains are the most densely populated areas of Australia.

Map of Australia shows all the important cities in Australia. It will help you start the task of planning your holiday and sightseeing. Australia map provided here is not a detailed one but it serves the purpose of knowing the country’s location and important places.

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