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The travelers traveling to Australia would necessarily be interested in gathering a all information about Australia to ensure they are aware of at least a few customs and traditions so that they do not feel like aliens on their tour of the fabulous country. Located in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia comprises a number of islands. about Australia is that it is the sixth largest country in the world. The six states and the two territories have been inhabited for over 42000 years by indigenous Australians. Australia offers many class sights to view and a prominent one being the ‘Ayers Rock’. It is a mysterious and beautiful natural huge monolith where visitors flock to see in large numbers. Here in this massive structure above 1000 feet you get to see Aboriginal wall art. One of the other facts about Australia worth knowing is that Kangaroo Island which has been preserved from excessive tourism one will find original floras. The unique aspect about this place is that you will see kangaroos, dolphins, koalas and sea lions all living in harmony.

Info about Australia

Australia’s climatic zones range from deserts to snow capped mountains and from tropical rainforests to cool climate forests. However, at times you might see Australia experiencing extreme natural phenomena such as floods, droughts and bushfires. Another fact about Australia worth noting is that some regions experience storms and tropical cyclones. The contemporary arts scene is very rich and diverse and reflects the society at large which is a mix of cultural traditions and migrant cultures. The performing arts scene such as music, dance and theatre has a strong base in the country. Sports is also given a lot of weight age and the popular Australian sports include football, cricket, hockey, netball, rugby league, soccer, swimming and tennis. The unique geography and biodiversity of Australia is a result of a landscape and wildlife which is the result of a unique evolutionary process. Here in Australia one will come across an exceptional range of species. Info about Australia is that over 80 percent of the mammals, frogs, reptiles and flowering plants are not found anywhere else in the world.

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